Why use JET

Why should I use JET to book my travel?

What a great question and a question I'm happy to answer.  As long as I can remember, I have been a bit different.  A step to the side of others or a little off beat and I think that relates to everything I do from being  a mother to being a travel agent and everything in between.  My goal isn't to get you off the phone as quickly as possible.  My goal is for you to have a great experience wherever you decide to go.

My firm belief is that we should get off our butts and make memories instead of this trend of making bucket lists.  What is a list going to give you other than a piece of paper that you move around on your desk?   When you are in your later years in this life, will you say that you wish you would have worked more or will you say that you wish you had spent more quality time with family and friends?   We only have one life and we should live it to the fullest.

As I created JET, I did so around the idea of helping other people create experiences with their families and friends.  As a travel consumer, you don't need yet another place to buy travel and that is not what I do.  By consulting me I can help you make informed and educated travel decisions.  Would you rather sit in an airport for 6 hours for a layover or pay an extra $30 for an earlier flight?   Is the journey or the destination more important to you?   Singles will have different needs vs a newlywed couple vs a family of 6.  When we first talk,  I'll ask you some questions and in doing so I'll get to know YOU.  In getting to know what your specific requirements are, I can then give professional advice so that you can then make an informed travel decision.

While you can pretty much buy travel anywhere, you can only get me in one spot, and that's here.  Contact me and let's get you started on your next travel experience.