Les P'tits Fayots


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Les P'tits Fayots

Les P'tits Fayots is an acclaimed gourmet restaurant that serves modern and creative dishes featuring organic produce, especially vegetables from the Gers region. The restaurant offers a unique experience as its kitchen is open to the dining area. This allows patrons to watch the chef prepare their beautiful and exquisite dishes and enjoy the choreography of the kitchen staff while savouring your tasty meal.


Toulouse boasts a vibrant and exciting food scene with quality offerings to satisfy every type of foodie and any budget. Don't leave without trying some of the local specialities like the delectable cassoulet and the renowned Toulouse sausage. One of the best places to enjoy a delicious yet affordable lunch is the covered market at Place Victor Hugo, where several restaurants perch above the marketplace, serving up tasty meals made from the freshest local produce, straight off the stalls below.