La Couleur de la Culotte


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La Couleur de la Culotte

La Couleur de la Culotte, situated in the heart of Place Saint-Pierre, is an iconic establishment that is known for its lively atmosphere and is a popular destination among party-goers. During the day, you can relax and sip cocktails while enjoying platters of sausage in the shade of the trees, with a stunning view of the Garonne. But as night falls, La Couleur de la Culotte transforms into a party haven, and it's a favourite among Toulouse's student population.

Bars & Nightlife

You will never stay thirsty long while walking the streets of Toulouse at night. From pubs to clubs, cocktail bars and concert halls, you can drink, dance, and sing all around town. Toulouse's nightlife scene provides enough diversity to entice everyone and enough originality to catch even the most seasoned night revellers off guard.