Vinoteca Perugia


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Vinoteca Perugia

The Vinoteca in Perugia is a modern winehouse that stocks and serves amazing wines as well as delicious delicacies. You can find over 700 wine labels here, both national and international. The cosy atmosphere is forged by experienced staff and a chic interior.

Bars & Nightlife

With Perugia’s large student population, you’re guaranteed to find lively bars throughout the historic city. Many bars are open all day, coming into their own in the evening, for the all-important aperitivo time, which kicks off from around 6pm. Cafés, bars, ‘disco-pubs’ and discos are all popular haunts for Perugians. From chic to cheap, and trendy to traditional, if you plan it well, you can start the evening at 5pm and finish at 5am the next day. Larger discos tend to be located outside the city.