This fascinating exploration of the remote Siberian coastline promises rich culture and an astounding wealth of wildlife. Meet indigenous artists known for their intricate walrus ivory carvings, take in dramatic bird cliffs teeming with puffins and guillemots, then forge farther north, well above the Arctic Circle to Wrangel Island Reserve.
Starting at $17500.00+

Sail the Mediterranean Sea to the shores of Africa. Immerse yourself in the fabled architecture of Barcelona and the Andalusian charm of Granada. See prosperous Casablanca and the vibrant West African city of Dakar, before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.
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Trace the coast of East Asia when you combine Far Eastern Horizons and Southeast Asia & Hong Kong for an enlightening 29-day voyage into the heart of the Far East and Indochina.
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10 Days, Enchanting Moselle Experience the river less traveled and fairytale sites of Germany and the Netherlands. Explore music in Beethoven’s Bonn and Dusseldorf’s chic creative scene. Savor the Mosel Wine Region and follow cobbled alleyways of history.
Starting at $6899.00+

The Sea of Cortez in spring is among the best times and places to see a great variety of whales-humpback, sperm, fin, Bryde's, and blue whales-plus large aggregations of dolphins. Sail the Sea of Cortez, exploring its many islands free from tourist infrastructure and designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Starting at $6570.00+

Find your happy place in paradise with Norwegian aboard the recently refurbished Norwegian Jade. From Oranjestad, uncover the best of Aruba as you soak in fantastic vistas from the California Lighthouse, explore the Aloe Museum and visit the island’s popular Natural Bridge ruins. Splash around Kralendijk’s pristine waters on a relaxing catamaran sailing and swim tour where you can snorkel with colorful marine life.
Starting at $929.00+

Historic Cities of the Baltic SeaPONANT invites you to discover Saint Petersburg and other cities steeped in history of the Baltic Sea.From Copenhagen, embark for an 8-day cruise, including 3 exceptional days in the former capital of the Tsars.Your ship will first head to Tallinn, a site that was important for the Hanseatic League in…
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