Highlights of the Azores

07/02/2023 through 10/09/2024
07/02/2023 through 10/12/2024
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Highlights of the Azores

Although modern Portugal can be credited for its contributions to art, architecture and world-class dining, there’s a distant remnant of the Old Empire lying far from the mainland. From the rolling blue hydrangeas of Faial, the steep cliffs of Sao Jorge and the black volcanic soil under the vineyards of Pico, the Azores offer a delightful insight into both island and Portuguese living. Discover a new side to ancient Portugal on this island-hopping Atlantic adventure.


  • Sao Miguel – Island Day Tour
  • Sao Miguel – Arruda’s Pineapple Plantation at Faja de Baixo
  • Sao Miguel – Cozido das Furnas Lunch
  • Sao Miguel – Tea Plantation Visit & Tasting
  • Sao Miguel – Miradouro do Pico do Ferro & Miradouro de Santa Iria
  • Sao Jorge – Hike to Caldeira do Santo Cristo with Picnic Lunch
  • Sao Jorge – Visit to Bakery or Local Market
  • Faial – Capelinhos Volcano Interpretation Centre
  • Pico Island – Day Trip
  • Pico Island – Liqueur Tasting
  • Pico Island – Criacao Velha Vineyards UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Pico Island – Arcos do Cachorro (Lava tunnels)


  • Uncover the wonders of Sao Miguel on a day tour of the island, from plantations of tea and pineapples to an active volcano and some truly memorable viewpoints.
  • Step out for a spectacular hike around the Caldeira Santo Cristo on Sao Jorge Island – the cinematic views of the island’s colourful and diverse landscape are sure to stop you in your tracks.
  • Check out the lava tunnels on Pico Island, visit a family-owned distillery and learn about life on the island over a tasting of their products and be amazed by the stunning UNESCO-listed landscape of Pico’s vineyards.
  • Travel to the island of Faial, visit the island’s resident volcano, Capelinhos, and learn about how its last eruption in 1957 dramatically changed the landscape of the island.
  • Experience a lunch like no other – a ‘Cozido das Furnas’ is a delicious stew cooked underground by steam from a volcano.


Day 1 Sao Miguel Island / Ponta Delgada
Day 2 Sao Miguel Island / Ponta Delgada
Day 3 Sao Jorge Island / Velas
Day 4 Sao Jorge Island / Velas
Day 5 Faial Island / Horta
Day 6 Pico Island / Faial Island / Horta
Day 7 Faial Island / Horta

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