Outdoor Adventures in Peru

Peru’s Many Outdoor Adventures You Must Experience


Machu Picchu might be a wondrous and absolutely breathtaking site to see but there’s so much more in Peru to explore. With the jagged mountain regions, thick green forestry, waterfalls, and other natural habitats to cruise through, you can only imagine the popular forms of entertainment and outdoor shenanigans you can get into while you’re there on vacation.


Earn Your Adrenaline Rush through Ziplining or Bungee Jumping


Right outside the City of Cuzco you will find the Sacred Valley where people all over come to experience a wild time ziplining. Natura Vive is a climbing site with a seven part zipline that gently veers with the country’s ginormous valleys and rugged terrain. Along the mountain’s edges you will see huge clear bubbles where visitors can come inside to get a once in a lifetime view of the mountain ranges.


Just a little further from the ziplining adventures and about ten miles from Cuzco is a 400 ft drop bungee jump. A quick trigger sends you soaring 400 feet into the sky where you reach zero gravity. If you are daring enough to attempt this human slingshot, the view as you fly through the sky is one you won’t forget, with pine tree lined mountainsides and acres of beautiful farmland.


Hiking the Salkantay Trek


The Salkantay Trek is a rocky trail more challenging than it’s given credit for. During your rigorous trek you will pass waterfalls through thick foggy forests, hot springs, exotic wildlife and more. Matter of fact, if you didn’t already know- Peru is home to cloud forests, a natural wonder that isn’t found in many other places throughout the world. This cloud forest is the home for a lot of the country’s wildlife including reptiles, bears, jaguars and birds. Make it to the top of the Salkantay Pass by evening and you can watch the sunset over Machu Picchu.


Get Soaked in the Maranon River


Take a whitewater rafting trip down the Maranon River through the Amazon Jungle. Traveling down the river by raft might make it hard to see all the natural beauty encompassing you but don’t be shocked to catch a glimpse of waterfalls, distinctive rock forms, ancient ruins, and small remote villages. Since the river stretches for miles and miles, you may want to book a 7 day white water rafting adventure to get the full experience.

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